Avionaut Evolvair Softy

Toddler, Six and Over

AVIONAUT EVOLVAIR SOFTY is a car seat which has been designed specifically to meet the unique needs of larger children.
The special design enables this car seat to literally grow with the child, ensuring maximum safety, as confirmed by numerous tests, regardless of the child’s height.
The high safety class is guaranteed by the use of state-of-the-art materials, as well as comfortable wide headrests and deep side wings. Maximum travel comfort is ensured by an ergonomically contoured soft seat and backrest designed to ensure optimal air circulation. For enhanced comfort on longer journeys, the seat inclination may be adjusted.

In addition, the intuitive installation system using the safety belt makes AVIONAUT EVOLVAIR SOFTY suitable for most cars, even ones without the ISOFIX system.

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Why choose a Avionaut Evolvair car seat?

Avionaut Evolvair is a unique seat for a very wide range of children’s weights (9-36 kg). Because of its special design, it literally grows along with the child, ensuring maximum safety and travel comfort at every stage. The use of a unique removable soft reducing insert ideally adapts Avionaut Evolvair to the build of smaller children, making it suitable from around 9 months of age.

Two-dimensional headrest adjustment

The special Avionaut-designed headrest enables adjustment in two planes. This means that you can not only adjust the height of the headrest to the child's height, but also the width of the side guards. This solution ensures a perfect fit for the child’s dimensions and thus enhances travel safety and comfort.



Fotelik Evolvair występuje w różnych rodzajach tapicerek, dając klientom szeroki wybór. Wszystkie tkaniny wykorzystane spełniają normy OEko-tex standard 100, świadczący o tym, że tkanina ta nie zawiera substancji szkodliwych dla zdrowia i bezpieczeństwa dziecka. Ponadto kolorystykę wybrano w oparciu o najnowsze trendy, tak aby Avionaut Evolvair był nie tylko bezpieczny i funkcjonalny, ale również estetyczny i modny.



Avionaut Evolvair is supported by modern design, high quality materials and the utmost attention to detail. In addition, the product features special seat and backrest design to ensure optimal ventilation.

Adjustable tilt

The Avionaut Evolvair seat features single-handle seat inclination angle adjustment to match the age of the travelling child. This solution is also very functional when the baby falls asleep, because it allows safe support of the cervical spine.

Belt tensioners

To ensure the child’s safety regardless of height, we placed great emphasis on stabilizing the position of the car seat. Avionaut Glider is equipped with a unique belt tensioner system, which increases the child's safety and minimizes the risk of incorrect installation.

Side protection

Avionaut Evolvair also protects the child in the event of side impact, owing to a large adjustable headrest made of EPP material, which absorbs energy during a side collision. Moreover, the specially designed comfortable soft wings of the headrest additionally protect the child's head.


The design of the seat and the materials used in the production ensure maximum safety, as confirmed by independent tests performed by many European, independent research units.


The Avionaut Evolvair seat is equipped with internal seat belts suitable for children at the age of around 4, or a weight of approximately 18 kg. In later years, the child is fastened in a stable and safe way using the car’s safety belt, which is run through purpose-designed components, increasing the child’s comfort and safety.