Avionaut AeroFIX


AVIONAUT AeroFIX is a modern car seat in the 17.5 kg /67 – 105 cm category according to the new I-Size certification of approval – ECE R-129. Its design enables safe transportation and is recommended by AVIONAUT for a child up to 105 cm in the rear facing position.

As an alternative, the Avionaut AeroFIX seat can also be installed facing forward for children 84 cm to 105 cm in height. An innovative side protection system minimizes the risk of injury from side impact.

Its optimal ventilation sets the innovative AVIONAUT AeroFIX design apart in the market. It also enhances the child’s comfort while travelling. In addition, to improve the little traveller’s comfort the seat uses soft, top-quality materials, an adaptive headrest and tilt adjustment.
The use of an IQ ISOFIX-based fastening system ensures that the seat is correctly installed every time. The exceptional belt routing system and full integration with the ISOFIX system in the car significantly boosts child safety and convenience of installation.

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Why choose a AeroFIX car seat

It is a unique seat designed to be mounted both in the front and rear-facing position ensuring maximum safety of your child while maintaining a high level of travel comfort. Its design uses a technological solution to ensure optimal ventilation when travelling.


AeroFIX is a modern car seat made of high-quality materials. What makes it unique is its light, streamlined shape inspired by the movement of air. The collection includes a choice of luxurious upholstery in fashionable colours to match the interior of each car.


Made of the highest quality luxury fabrics, soft and skin-friendly yet durable. In addition, all upholstery meets the highest norms of the OEko-tex standard 100, proving that this fabric does not contain substances harmful to the health or safety of the child.

Air flow

The innovative design of the Avionaut AeroFIX car seat includes ventilation ducts which create a unique Air Circulation System responsible for the proper air flow in the seat interior. This system makes sure the child does not sweat even at high temperatures in the car.


The seat is compliant with the I-Size certification of approval. The high security class is ensured by an optimal combination of EPP, PP, PA and shape memory foam which all absorb stress in the event of an impact. In addition, safety is enhanced by adjustable five-point safety belts and a large adjustable headrest which can be adapted to the needs of a growing child.


It is an innovative material which looks like styrofoam, but differs from it significantly in that it is not as stiff or fragile. In addition, it features high resistance to physical and chemical factors. Its excellent strength makes this material ideal for the construction of car seats because it does not deform, even at high impact loads from a collision. In addition, EPP is an eco-friendly material which is 100% recyclable and features anti-bacterial and fungistatic properties.

IQ base

The IQ ISOFIX base is a reliable ISOFIX base developed for the AVIONAUT Pixel as well as AEROFIX RWF and AEROFIX seats. It uses a patented single-socket solution which allows direct connection of the child seat to the car’s ISOFIX system. The components of the child protection system are in limited number and are stronger, which minimises the possibility of the seat breaking free from the base, and significantly increases energy absorption, especially in situations where reliability is paramount. Moreover, thanks to the sound signalling for correct connection to the IQ ISOFIX base of the Click n’ Drive control unit, there is no risk of the seat being wrongly fastened to the base, which maximizes its effectiveness.


Stands for International Organization for Standardisation and is a system of fastening children’s seats to car seats. The ISOFIX system consists of two fixtures which are located between the seat and the back of the car seat. Importantly, these fixtures are attached directly to the vehicle structure, providing stiffer attachment than when the seat is fastened using a seat belt. The use of the ISOFIX snap system prevents incorrect installation of the seat.

The AVIONAUT Pixel system base also fits the AVIONAUT AeroFIX RWF and AeroFIX seat.


The AVIONAUT AeroFIX car seat has passed all the most rigorous tests, confirming the child's highest safety in the event of a collision.

Designed and produced in Poland.

Tested and certified in Europe.

Proven by parents.

The Avionaut AeroFIX car seat has undergone the rigorous ‘Avio Test’ to investigate how a child behaves during frontal and rear impacts as well as side impact. The excellent results obtained confirm the highest level of safety.


An institute for automotive affairs, which was established in the 1970s at the University of Catalonia. It performs independent tests for product development and approval certification purposes. AeroFIX passed its safety tests and obtained a certification of approval which it passed at a very high level, far exceeding the minimum levels.


We test and certify our seats in many European research institutions in order to ensure the highest possible safety and comfort of travelling. We take care to make sure that our products meet all required standards and outperform the required safety criteria.

  • TASS / TNO – the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (Holland)

  • CSI – Certification and Analysis Centre (Italy)

  • PIMOT – Automotive Industry Institute (Poland)

Front and rear-facing

The Avionaut AeroFIX child seat can be installed rear-facing in the child's height range of 67-105 cm. It is thus the safest method of installation and the one recommended by Avionaut. Alternatively, you can also install the seat in the forward-facing direction in the child’s height range of 84-105 cm.