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AVIONAUT Pixel offers the highest level of safety as well as exceptionally light structural weight in the 0-13 kg car seat category. The innovative composite shell material is very light, while at the same time capable of absorbing a significant amount of force during a collision, ensuring perfect protection for the child.

AVIONAUT Pixel is equipped with a unique PIXEL liner, developed in cooperation with an authority in the field of physiotherapy and child development, which ensures safe and more comfortable positioning for the child in the seat. The application of this innovative technology significantly enhances the child’s safety and supports correct body position.


In addition, the effectiveness of protection in the Pixel car seat has been confirmed by tests performed in many European research laboratories. It has been demonstrated that Pixel significantly exceeds the requirements of the i-Size standard. In addition, the single-point fixing of the belt to the IQ ISOFIX base guarantees full integration with the car’s ISOFIX system.

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Why choose a car seat

AVIONAUT Pixel is the lightest car seat on the market. Despite its extraordinary lightness, it is also one of the safest seats, as proven by test results carried out in several research laboratories. What sets it apart is not only the innovative safety and ergonomics-related technology, but also its award-winning modern design.


The seat is equipped with specially adapted fasteners which attach to most carriage frames available on the market. This solution opens up a wide range of carriages to choose from, is convenient when travelling with a child and minimizes the volume of luggage.


Made of high-quality materials, in a wide range of colours to suit the tastes and requirements of customers who demand the very best. All Avionaut upholstery materials meet the OEko-tex standard 100, proving that the fabric contains no substances harmful to the health or safety of the child.


Avionaut is also a modern design. Cooperation with designers results in the development of seats with high-end design and upholstery of the highest quality. We also put equal emphasis on making sure the seats not only look good but are also extremely convenient to use. This combination of comfort and design not only differentiates Avionaut car seats from all others on the market but, above all, makes them a popular choice for children and parents alike.


Made of the highest quality materials, offering perfect protection against sunlight inside the car, as well as during outdoor walks.


Safety means a sense of security as well as a guarantee of maintaining this state, allowing you to focus on your life, on the lives of your loved ones, rather than constantly worrying about them. This sense of safety allows you to enjoy those special moments you spend together with your child. If you want to make sure your child is safe, why not choose the world’s finest protection systems for car journeys? When selecting a car seat to serve you well over long distances, check whether it has passed crash tests, what certificates it has, what material its upholstery is made of and whether it is breathable. Make sure that the child is properly seated in the seat; don’t just focus on the look and price, find out about the product you want to go for. Only then will you be able to enjoy the kilometres together without worrying about the safety of your child.

Safety was never so light before

Our innovative technology has created the world’s lightest car seat – AVIONAUT Pixel, weighing only 2.5 kilograms and significantly enhancing convenience of use, especially in the first months of the child's life, when the seat also serves as a carrier and every extra kilo means a major load for the parent.


Is the European standard for the safety of seats for children under 15 months of age, effective as of July 2013. The obligation was then introduced to transport children in the car in the rear-facing position up until the age of 15 months, instead of 9-12 months, as had been stipulated by the previous European Union regulation, thereby significantly increasing the safety of children in transit. The use of i-Size guarantees better protection of the child's neck and head in the event of a collision.


Standing for International Organization for Standardisation, this is a system of fastening children’s seats to car seats. The ISOFIX system consists of two fixtures which are located between the seat and the back of the car seat. Importantly, these fixtures are attached directly to the structure of the vehicle, providing stiffer fastening than a seat belt, as well as better energy absorption. The use of the ISOFIX snap system prevents incorrect installation.

IQ base

The IQ base is a reliable ISOFIX base developed for AVIONAUT Pixel as well as for AeroFIX RWF and AeroFIX. It uses a patented single socket solution for directly connecting the child seat to the car. The reduced number of connections between the belts and the ISOFIX system maximizes the child's safety by making it easier to transfer more energy to the car's structure instead of the child. Moreover, thanks to the sound signalling for correct connection to the IQ ISOFIX base of the Click n’ Drive control unit, there is no risk of the seat being wrongly fastened to the base, which maximizes its effectiveness.


The AVIONAUT Pixel seat has passed all the most stringent tests, confirming the best possible child safety in the event of a collision.


The test results of the ADAC car seats (German Allgemeiner Deutsher Automobil-Club) were published as usual in May. As every year, the seats were tested in terms of safety, ergonomics, ease of use, harmful substances and ease of keeping clean. The ADAC test is quite restrictive, which is why its results are expected by consumers every year, and the tests themselves are respected in the world, and in particular in many European countries. Car seats for tests are bought independently in different stores, to avoid the situation where the car seats other than those available on the market would go to the test. Therefore, the producers themselves are not sure whether their seats are tested. The ADAC Institute usually selects new products for the tests, or the most innovative car seats. The ADAC test is a set of various tests that allow you to assess the seat in terms of all the criteria taken into consideration. The tests include crash tests (side and front), static tests and chemical analysis of the composition of the materials used to make the seat. Car seats that participate in ADAC tests are divided into weight and growth categories. The overall assessment of the seat is the sum of the ratings of individual criteria. The most important indicator is, of course, the safety assessment and it affects 50% of the overall assessment of the seat. The car seat itself is 40% rated, while ergonomics is 10% of the final grade. The content of harmful substances may affect the overall assessment. For Avionaut, four stars in the ADAC tests are yet another confirmation of the highest quality and safety of the product, which, like other car seats and bases, are manufactured fully in Europe. This is not the first distinction of the Avionaut Pixel seat.


Avionaut Pixel has passed the rigorous ‘Avio Test’ which investigates how a child behaves during frontal and rear impacts and side impact. In the lateral test, the head protection scored 120%, exceeding the applicable I-Size standards by 20%, while the frontal and rear impact test score for the protection of the thoracic spine was 140%, and 153% for head protection, thus exceeding the i-Size standards by 40 and 53%, respectively.


An institute for automotive affairs, which was established in the 1970s at the University of Catalonia. It performs independent tests for product development and approval certification purposes. AeroFIX passed its safety tests and obtained a certification of approval, which it passed with distinction, far exceeding the minimum levels.


We test and certify our seats in many European research institutions in order to ensure the highest possible safety and comfort of travelling. We take care to ensure that our products meet all the required standards and outperform the required safety criteria.

  • TASS/TNO - Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (Holland)

  • CSI - Certification and Analysis Centre (Italy)

  • PIMOT - Automotive Industry Institute (Poland)

The PIXEL lining – Revolutionary in terms of correct positioning of the child in the seat

This is an innovative insert used in the Avionaut Pixel car seat, stabilizing and securing the correct positioning of the pelvis, torso and head in a straight line. Not only does this increase the comfort of your baby's breathing, but it also helps to reduce the reflux of gastric contents into the oesophagus by caring for the child’s passive safety during the journey. The correct angle of the child's body position in the seat is important for safe breathing, which can also be disturbed by reflux, for the comfort of travel, and for the healthy development of the child's posture. A straight torso, legs bent as in the sitting position also offer better conditions for neutralizing the impact force on the child's body during a collision. Regardless of whether the child is asleep or not, this automatically causes the body to react optimally, further reducing the effects of the impact.

The PIXEL lining is adapted to the physiological and biomechanical circumstances of a baby. The lining should be adapted to the child's age, by gradually removing the individual stabilizers. Despite the improvements, breaks during longer journeys are recommended; at least once every two hours. In addition, Avionaut reminds that according to the expert recommendations the child should not be given food or drink in the seat because this poses a risk of choking.

Proper breathing mechanics and travel comfort

The appropriate tilting of the head and the child’s position in the seat, which was achieved through the use of the innovative PIXEL lining, contributes to improving the child’s breathing mechanics and comfort while travelling, which reduces the risk of suffocation or hypoxia.

Proper positioning of the pelvis, torso and head

A straight torso, with legs bent as in the sitting position, offer better conditions for neutralizing the impact force on a child's body during a collision. Regardless of whether the child is asleep or not, this automatically causes the body to react optimally, further reducing the effects of the impact.

Reduction of gastric content reflux to the oesophagus

The PIXEL liner adapts to the child’s physiological and biomechanical circumstances. This provides optimal conditions for limiting the reflux of gastric contents into the oesophagus by ensuring the appropriate position of the child’s torso, abdomen and thighs, which minimizes pressure on the child's abdomen.


The PIXEL liner has been designed to adapt to the child’s height and weight. While your child grows, you need to pull out the individual stabilizers that are colour coded, making them easy to locate and remove, while the process itself is intuitive. The PIXEL liner adapts to the child’s height for greater safety and travel comfort. It also ensures proper positioning of the pelvis, torso and head as well as restricting the reflux of gastric contents into the oesophagus, significantly increasing passive safety during even the shortest journeys.

The benefits of the unique seat and liner:

  • Proper breathing mechanics and comfort of the child while travelling,

  • Comfort in line with the child’s physiological and biomechanical circumstances, as well as an improved position to limit the phenomenon of reflux, which in turn improves both the child’s comfort and safety,

  • Correct positioning of the child's pelvis, torso and head (maintained straight line) for increased safety during a collision,

  • The angle of the child's body in the seat. A straight torso with legs bent as in the sitting position offer better conditions for neutralizing the force of impact on a child’s body during a collision. Regardless of whether the child is asleep or not, this automatically causes the body to react optimally, further reducing the effects of the impact,

  • The safest connection with the car’s ISOFIX through an innovative system for fixing the seat directly to the base of the seat,

  • Travelling comfort owing to the use of a liner with memory of the child's shape,

  • Increased child safety through the use of the EPP material to reduce lateral impact.


It is an innovative material which looks like styrofoam, but differs from it significantly in that it is not as stiff or fragile. In addition, it features high resistance to physical and chemical factors. Its excellent strength makes this material ideal for the construction of car seats because it does not deform, even at high impact loads from a collision. In addition, EPP is an eco-friendly material which is 100% recyclable and features anti-bacterial and fungistatic properties.


The design and attention to detail, quality of workmanship and safety have been appreciated in many prestigious competitions.

The RedDot Award

In addition to providing the highest level of safety, our aim is to take care of every detail of the car seat and its design. As a result of these efforts, the AVIONAUT Pixel car seat won the German RedDot award – one of the most prestigious awards for industrial design. The award is granted by a selection of respected experts from the design industry. It is also called the ‘design Oscar’ and has been awarded for 60 years.

Parents’ Award

The AVIONAUT Pixel car seat has received the Parents’ award (Nagroda rodziców) which is one of the most prestigious awards in Poland, ensuring the highest quality of products for children. The seat was awarded for the innovative PIXEL liner which ensures maximum safety and comfort of travel for the child from birth.


The Avionaut Pixel seat was also distinguished at Poland’s largest children’s industry fair Kids’ Time. The seat was appreciated for its extraordinary lightness, workmanship and design.