Avionaut Kite+


Infant / 0-13KG

Avionaut Kite+ is a car seat which ensures maximum safety, from the very first days of a child’s life. The seat has been equipped with an advanced side protection system. In the event of a side collision, this innovative system ensures reduced stress and optimal positioning of the child’s body. Avionaut Kite + uses memory foam, covered with soft, delicate upholstery, offering the child maximum comfort, as well as ensuring safe, correct positioning in the seat.


AVIONAUT KITE + is versatile – with its ergonomic handle, it can be used as a baby carrier. It also fits most carriage frames on the market.
The high safety class of Avionaut Kite+ has been confirmed by numerous independent European tests. The Avionaut Kite+ seat can be fixed in three ways through stable fastening to the Dock or ISOFIX base. It can also be fastened using standard three-point seat belts, made simple by the EasyMount system.

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Why choose a car seat

Kite + is a proven, safe and comfortable seat, perfect for the child’s very first car journey. The seat is equipped with the Easy-In system, which is a magnet that holds the belts enabling quick and convenient fastening. Thanks to a specially designed ergonomic handle, it can be used as a baby carrier, as well as a rocker. Also, Kite+ is compatible with most carriage frames available on the market. Moreover, the rich colour scheme of the upholstery enables every customer to choose a seat to match their needs.


Avionaut Kite+ is equipped with universal adapter pockets, which makes it compatible with the majority of carriage frames available on the market.


Kite+ upholstery is made of soft, air-permeable material tailored to the unique needs of the youngest children, while the rich colour scheme matches all tastes. In addition, all the upholstery fabrics meet the stringent requirements of OEko-tex standard 100, which proves that this fabric does not contain substances harmful to the health or safety of the child.


Kite+ is a safety seat designed especially for the needs of the smallest children. Equipped with a unique Easy-In system which makes it easy to place the child in the seat. Comfort and safety is ensured by the use of shape memory foam in a special insert; safety is also guaranteed by the innovative EPP material which absorbs stress in the event of a collision.


Due to its ergonomic shape, you can carry the seat, which doubles as a handy carrier. The safety and protection of the child has been increased through the use of a handle with a cab fastening system. The handle can be used in 4 positions, transforming KITE+ e.g. into a rocker.


Made of the highest quality materials, it provides perfect protection against sunlight inside the car, as well as during outdoor walks.


It is an innovative material which looks like styrofoam, but differs from it significantly in that it is not as stiff or fragile. In addition, it features high resistance to physical and chemical factors. Its excellent strength makes this material ideal for the construction of car seats because it does not deform, even at high impact loads from a collision. In addition, EPP is an eco-friendly material which is 100% recyclable and features anti-bacterial and fungistatic properties.


The safety seat is equipped with a reflective strip designed to enhance the safety of the child especially when used as a carrier or attached to the frame of a carriage.

Side protection

A specially developed side protection system which reduces stress and optimizes the child's body position in the event of side impact. This has been achieved by using the innovative EPP material in the headrest.


The innovative EasyMount system helps secure the safety seat quickly and correctly using safety belts. Specially contoured belt holders ensure that the seat belt fits properly, holds well, does not get caught and stabilizes the seat properly.


ISOFIX installation base for the Kite+ seat. Requires one-time installation in the car, directly into the ISOFIX system. This fastening system makes it easier to later use the safety seat, because all it takes is to place it on the base; no need to run the belt through every time.


The Dock base is also equipped with a special Avionaut-developed stable base fixing system using the ISOFIX system with a support leg. This solution increases the child's safety in the event of a collision, and minimizes the risk of the safety seat not being fastened properly

Easy installation in the car

Thanks to the use of an intuitive belt run system, belt installation in the car is quick and convenient. In addition, it prevents improper installation of the base which significantly enhances the child's safety when travelling.


Stands for International Organization for Standardisation and is a system of fastening children’s seats to car seats. The ISOFIX system consists of two fixtures which are located between the seat and the back of the car seat. Importantly, these fixtures are attached directly to the structure of the vehicle, providing stiffer fastening than a seat belt, as well as better energy absorption. The use of the ISOFIX snap system prevents incorrect installation of the seat.