Official Statment

Statement_Glider Dear customers, referring to our previous official statement about RAPEX publication, we want to confirm that all Avionaut products are regularly tested for safety in order to verify and monitor them. On the basis of our regular tests, as well as after thorough analysis and additional research carried out in terms of the situation […]


Statement OFFICIAL STATEMENT Referring to publication from The Rapid Alert System for Non-Food Products (Rapex) notification number A12/0959/19 regarding product Avionaut Glider agree  we want to inform, that as a manufacturer we do not agree with published information and that we have started official cancelation procedure aiming cancellation of published notification. Our statement is based […]

The international success of Avionaut!

The Avionaut Pixel car seat, which is produced in Europe, has earned four stars in the German tests Stiftung Warentest 2019! the Avionaut brand was thus awarded in a very valuable consumer survey in Europe, which for parents is a confirmation that the product is completely safe. The test results of the ADAC car seats […]

Why epp is a good material for car seats?

The ARPO EPP material effectively gains new markets and is now used in many industries. We are sure that the automotive industry is the leader in using EPP. Why? This is related to recycling that is the properties of the EPP material, because by 2025 each manufactured car must be 25% recyclable. What is EPP […]

Why shouldn’t children in car seats wear jackets?

As parents, we must remember that when travelling by car, it is up to us whether the child will be safe. It is extremely important that both the seat and the child are properly fastened in the seat and that the traffic rules are followed. Buying a good, safe car seat alone does not guarantee […]

RWF as a safety patent

Rearward-facing children transport is five times safer than forward-facing. This is an argument difficult to discuss with. However, not everyone knows where the idea of carrying children backwards comes from. Considering the fact that according to Statens Vegvesen, Scandinavia has the lowest car accident rate in the world, it should come as no surprise that Swedes […]