Why epp is a good material for car seats?

The ARPO EPP material effectively gains new markets and is now used in many industries. We are sure that the automotive industry is the leader in using EPP. Why? This is related to recycling that is the properties of the EPP material, because by 2025 each manufactured car must be 25% recyclable. What is EPP […]

Why shouldn’t children in car seats wear jackets?

As parents, we must remember that when travelling by car, it is up to us whether the child will be safe. It is extremely important that both the seat and the child are properly fastened in the seat and that the traffic rules are followed. Buying a good, safe car seat alone does not guarantee […]

RWF as a safety patent

Rearward-facing children transport is five times safer than forward-facing. This is an argument difficult to discuss with. However, not everyone knows where the idea of carrying children backwards comes from. Considering the fact that according to Statens Vegvesen, Scandinavia has the lowest car accident rate in the world, it should come as no surprise that Swedes […]

Test Plus

Parents of children who have grown up from the first seat often face the dilemma what seat to choose next. As manufacturers, we often receive questions, what car seats in our offer we recommend, how they differ and what tests they underwent. Realizing how important it is for parents to confirm that the products are […]

Bump, accident what next with the child car seat?

Not every parent pays attention when buying a car seat to the fact whether the manufacturer guarantees a replacement of accident car seats. However, it is not enough to be a good driver to avoid unwished-for incidents on the road. Therefore, being aware of and caring for the safety of customers and their children, Avionaut […]

Good base

It is not a secret that the universality of children’s products is very important for every parent. We know well that it is rather better to buy one good product that will be versatile in use than buying many different ones that offer same, or even worse quality. That’s why Avionaut team specialists have designed […]