Official Statment

Official Statment


Dear customers,

referring to our previous official statement about RAPEX publication, we want to confirm that all Avionaut products are regularly tested for safety in order to verify and monitor them.

On the basis of our regular tests, as well as after thorough analysis and additional research carried out in terms of the situation we describe, we want to ensure that the clip used in the Avionaut Glider does not show the parameters described in the notification, and the car seat is safe to use , which is confirmed by a test performed in an accredited certification unit in Spain – APPLUS IDIADA, report number PC19050001.

Taking care of the comfort and satisfaction of our customers, we want to informa that every person who, despite our assurances, decide to submit their product, may to submit an official complaint, under which the clip in the seat will be replaced.

In addition, we want to ensure that all our products are covered not only by very strict quality control, but also regularly tested in many esteemed research institutes in Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Poland. These tests confirm the safety of our child seats.

As it was presented in the first statement, the company is in the process of explaining the situation through all possible ways. We make every effort to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

In accordance with our previous obligations, we will keep you informed about the next stages of the proceedings regarding the Avionaut Glider child seats.


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