Referring to publication from The Rapid Alert System for Non-Food Products (Rapex) notification number A12/0959/19 regarding product Avionaut Glider agree  we want to inform, that as a manufacturer we do not agree with published information and that we have started official cancelation procedure aiming cancellation of published notification.

Our statement is based on below facts:

  • Conducted tests of products from the same batch and series, in appropriate, certified laboratory and in conditions corresponding conditions of the first test confirmed safety of the product and its compliance with the norms;
  • Buckle used in the Avionaut Glider product is bought from recognized European manufacturer and is also used in products of other brands, where such allegations does not exist;
  • Notifying institution has taken only one sample of the product, successfully preventing us from conducting clarifying procedure based on test of second (dispute) sample, what is European standard;
  • Our products are covered with very strict quality control, as well as random test control, which prove safety of the product and never made any issues;

Therefore, basing on above indisputable evidence, we have made decision to start cancellation procedure, refusing possibility of occurrence of such alleged risk. We will be officially informing public about further steps of this procedure.


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