What is ISOFIX?

Most parents who look for child safety seat check whether the product is equipped with ISOFIX. However, not everybody knows what ISOFIX actually is and what is so different about it as compared with other solutions. Some don’t even realize that their own car has an ISOFIX system. Since 2006 it is obligatory to have such mount in each new car model that has been approved for sale within European Union. Moreover, ever since 2011 ISOFIX has been present in all cars that are available on the market.

What is ISOFIX actually? To put it short: ISOFIX is currently the most popular system for mounting child safety seat in the car. ISOFIX is composed of two simple latches located between the child seat base and car seat/back seat backrest and attached directly to the body of the car. In case of back seat of the car we always have two such latches, which makes the total of four points of attachment. Depending on car model they are more or less visible and – when not used – they are sometimes closed for aesthetic reasons.

The ISOFIX concept dates back to early 90s and it was eventually defined as international standard in 1999. What the name of ISOFIX system stands for is short for International Organisation for Standardisation Fixture, and more precisely for ISO Fixture. As the child safety seat mount is standardized we can now be sure that ISOFIX system is exactly the same in every car that conforms to ISO standard. But the greatest advantage of ISOFIX system is the fact that the mounted safety seat is almost directly attached to the car. And what that means is that it is impossible for the safety seat to move on the back-seat of the car. Hence, it is very difficult to make a mistake when mounting the safety seat with ISOFIX system. Additionally, ISOFIX-equipped safety seats have a supporting leg or anti-rotation frame, which makes the seats even safer. And so with just a click-click you have our child safety seat with ISOFIX system mounted in your car. Surely, currently this is not only the most popular but also the fastest system of safety seat mounting.