What kind of care premature baby need?

What kind of care premature baby need?

As You probably know prematurly born babies need proper care. Avionaut Thinking about the safety of the youngest, Avionaut has created a product that meets the needs of premature babies. Avionaut Pixel is special car seat with special insert, which not only ensures safety during adverse events, but also during passive safety during everyday travel situations such as trip to the doctor.

The Pixel cartridge cushion has been designed in cooperation with the authority expert in the field of babies physiotherapy, so its functionalities are focused on providing optimal conditions for the infant’s needs (trouble-free breathing, reducing reflux) through proper placement in the seat. You should imagine what is happening with the body of a premature baby or a newborn in a standard situation. Typically, the insert in the seat puts the child in the flexion position. Unfortunately this arrangement situation may be create difficulties for our child to breathe freely.

We should remember that premature babies have many problems with breathing, due to that proper placement care and positioning of the child is so important. Incorrect position can lead to regression of gastric contents into the oesophagus (reflux), which can cause even choking. To prevent this kind of situation, when we were designing the pixel we put special attention to the use of solutions that adapt to the child’s physiognomy. It is important to place the child in a semi-recumbent position, which guarantees proper breathing mechanics while using the child’s car seat. In addition, the Pixel cushion allows you to avoid blocking and squeezing your shoulders and does not block the work of the diaphragm. Due to that child’s head is located in the extension of the straight line, this also directly affects the child’s safety during a possible unwanted collision. We also should remember, that children after birth have a more convex occiput, which is why the insert under the head is appropriately contoured.

Newborn babies and premature babies have low weight and have immature respiratory and digestive systems, lower muscle tone (than 6-9 months old children) so parents should pay more attention, especially in the car, when we do not have the opportunity to react immediately when something bad happens. Sometimes parents see that the child’s head falls in car seat and they’re looking for a way to provide the child with full comfort while traveling. However it’s forbidden to fill empty spaces in the seats with blankets or any other way. Such kind of practices does not help the baby. Premature babies are special patients who require detailed care of doctors and parents and Parents of premature babies have to be extremely careful. Everyone should know that all young children require not only health control, but we also have to be extremely careful to ensure their safety to avoid additional health complications. We are proud, that we could make another step in this field and we will thrive to do all we can to develop it further.

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