Why epp is a good material for car seats?

Why epp is a good material for car seats?

The ARPO EPP material effectively gains new markets and is now used in many industries. We are sure that the automotive industry is the leader in using EPP. Why? This is related to recycling that is the properties of the EPP material, because by 2025 each manufactured car must be 25% recyclable.

What is EPP and how does it stand out from other materials? EPP resembles a polystyrene structure, but unlike it, it is not so stiff and fragile. EPP, unlike styrofoam, is very durable. It is characterized by very good resistance to various physical and mechanical factors. One of the biggest advantages of EPP is that it is light and strong. It is capable of carrying large loads, absorbs energy and is stable with repeated impacts, while it does not deform. Due to its plasticity and insulating properties, EPP is widely used in the automotive industry. – For the first time, EPP material began to be used in the automotive industry in car bumpers as early as 1992, in order to make vehicles safer – reminds Jiri Slezak, who is a material engineer at ARPO EPP. Therefore, the use of EPP improves safety while reducing the weight of vehicles. At the moment, there was Avionaut, who wanted the car seats to be light and safe.

We can distinguish up to seven EPP properties that make this material is extraordinary. The EPP is ecological and versatile material. This material exhibits kinetic energy absorbing properties, thanks to the car seat headrests. In addition, the aforementioned lightness and strength, which is in the next, in contrast to styrofoam. EPP is also characterized by chemical neutrality, which is the most important of the automotive and industrial industries.

Polypropylene foamed (EPP) is gaining popularity due to its properties and it can successfully replace the materials from which products are made in virtually every industry. In addition, the fact that it is 100% recyclable and can be used several times decides that it can be stated that it is still the future in both the automotive and textile industries. The Avionaut was the first company to use EPP material in the production of car seats, but many companies will certainly want to follow in its footsteps. We care about the safety of the youngest passengers, so we chose EPP as a material that is the best in our opinion and for us EPP is the future in which we want to be the leader in terms of ensuring safety.

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