Why shouldn’t children in car seats wear jackets?

As parents, we must remember that when travelling by car, it is up to us whether the child will be safe. It is extremely important that both the seat and the child are properly fastened in the seat and that the traffic rules are followed. Buying a good, safe car seat alone does not guarantee that in the event of a bump or accident your child will come out unharmed.

The pace of life and hurry makes that while driving a car we often make mistakes directly affecting our and our child’s safety. This applies not only to us but to all traffic participants. Many a time, despite driving in accordance with the traffic regulations, we will experience an unpleasant and unwanted event through no fault of our own. It’s no secret that some parents, when driving their children to school, kindergarten or crèche, wrongly fasten the child in the seat or even don’t do it at all. It should be remembered however, as the statistics prove, that accidents usually occur close to home, during short journeys.

One of the most controversial topics is transporting a child wearing a jacket in the seat. Parents indicate, especially in winter, that they do not undress the jacket because they do not have time or are afraid that their child will get ill due to low winter temperatures. However, it is important to remember that carrying a child in any thick clothing is dangerous because it prevents the seat belts from adhering to the child’s body and therefore does not protect the child in the event of a collision. Even the best fastened belts won’t hold your baby if fastened on thick outer clothing. There are many products on the market that can provide comfort and make your child feel warm even on extremely cold days, e.g. sleeping bags, ponchos. In addition, a small passenger can be covered with a blanket or his own jacket. When it comes to jackets, the winter or down or quilted jackets when affected by collision forces show that the padding becomes compressed, influencing the way the seat works. Although the parent couldn’t tighten the belts a moment earlier, everything changes during a collision, so that even a short ride’s final can end tragically.

Parent education in terms of safe travelling with their children is of utmost importance. In winter, when conditions on the road are difficult, it is extremely important to ensure that the children who travel with us are as safe as possible. Sometimes it takes just 5 minutes to warm up the car, and we guarantee that even the shortest journey will be more comfortable and definitely safer for the child.