10 year warranty

Receive an extended 10-year warranty

Receive a 10-year warranty certificate. The offer is available for 28 days from the date of purchasing a car seat or base by Avionaut.

Discover the medical aspect of our products

Avionaut Pixel car child seat
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AGR Certificate

AGR is a certificate for car seats that are the most ergonomic for the spine. Avionaut products marked with the AGR mark provide support for the spine and motor organs, taking the load off the body and providing relief.

Avionaut products recommended by Experts


As a midwife, as well as a mother, I wholeheartedly recommend Avionaut Pixel Pro, because it combines all the features of a perfect car seat.

Jagoda Jurczyńska, midwife

My daughter likes to sit in the seat and her head doesn't fall down while she sleeps. The ride is very calm now.

Mirja Wong, midwife

The unique Pixel Pro pillow ensures that the spine is not compressed and breathing is not difficult. That's the biggest advantage for me. I'm also happy with the light weight, because I always tell mothers to avoid lifting heavy loads during the postpartum period as much as possible.

Elisa Funke, midwife

Avionaut Cosmo is the perfect everyday companion. Transporting a child is trouble-free, and does not require lifting additional loads. Also the design is attractive, it is simply suitable for everyday use and easy to clean!

Laura Briehl, midwife

The mission of Vision Avionaut consists in educating: parents, grandparents, and children's carers.

“We want to provide them with knowledge concerning the undisturbed comfort of children in vehicles and how to properly prepare for travel, as well as knowledge concerning the latest regulations.”


About Us

The Avionaut brand has been present on the market for 10 years.

In terms of our operations in the field of the children's seat industry, we combine many years of experience with the use of latest technologies. An inseparable element of our products consists also in the medical aspect. Together with physical therapists, doctors, and midwives, we create child seats so that they are adapted to the physiology of children.

The mission of the Avionaut brand is to educate in terms of safe travelling.

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Physiotherapist - Michał Budnicki



It is the duty of parents to motivate their children to develop and at the same time taking care of their safety

Midwife - Jagoda Jurczyńska



As a midwife as well as a mum, I wholeheartedly recommend the Avionaut Pixel, as it combines all the features of the perfect child seat

We guarantee the safest travels

Vision Avionaut

Join #visionavionaut, educate yourself, share your knowledge with others, and be a responsible participant in road traffic.

Post-accident replacement

Avionaut customers have the option of replacing the seat for a new one if the previous one was involved in a traffic accident.


Registering a car seat and activating the 10-year guarantee via the Internet is free of charge.

Safety tests

Comprehensive safety tests are carried out in laboratory conditions, with careful supervision of specialists

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