Why should a parent sit in the front seat?

“Mum, sit in the back” – is something that children often ask, especially those who can already communicate. Younger children convince the parent to occupy the rear seat by crying and screaming while driving. Some new moms and dads consciously decide to travel in the back seat, together with the baby. Where does this decision come from and why you should change your habits?


  • Why is it worth sitting in the front seat?
  • Do you choose the rear or the front seat?

Some parents believe that thanks to this, in times of danger, such as choking, or just after the baby wakes up from a nap, their closeness will ensure the baby’s safety and comfort. We understand this, but at the same time we encourage you to look at this topic from a slightly broader perspective.

According to the latest research, more than 50% of parents travel with their child in the rear seat. What are the reasons for this? Moms, but also dads, choose to travel with their baby in the back seat  because they are afraid that something might happen to the baby while driving and they will not be able to react immediately, e.g. in case of choking. It also stems from the desire to protect the drooping head – although this should not be the case with a well-fitted car seat.

Parents also worry that the child will cry during the journey when the mother is not nearby and the baby cannot see her. Traveling next to a child is also caused by the desire to occupy the little passenger while travelling and to control their mood.

There are many reasons – most are related to the emotional sphere and the desire to protect the child and provide them with a comfortable journey. What about safety and rational arguments against?

Why is it worth sitting in the front seat?

First of all, you should apply the principle that we know well from airplanes – first take care of yourself, then fellow passengers. The front seat is safer for the parent: it is properly profiled and secured with airbags. The parent, usually the mother sitting in the back, most often takes the middle seat, so that she can be as close to the child as possible or, in the case of two children, have equal access to them. It is a characteristic space in the car that allows you to lean forward slightly, which may be dangerous for the parent and children at the time of a road accident.

What’s more, even limbs set in motion during an accident can cause irreversible damage to a toddler’s health. Inertial limbs set in uncontrolled movement can strike the child and cause them harm. The problem may also be insufficient legroom, which is not a threat during normal driving, but may have negative consequences during an accident.

Do you choose the rear or the front seat?

We hope our arguments have convinced you that the front passenger seat is a much safer and more comfortable place for a parent. It is therefore worth seeing if our child will respond well to the change of the seat by their mother, and it is worth talking with older children, to convince them that is is much safer for the whole family.

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Avionaut Expert
Published: 28.07.2021