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Avionaut is an innovative brand specialising in child seats that focuses on the safety and comfort of the youngest passengers.

Keeping children safe while travelling by car is the idea that drives all our activities. In order to provide the best possible protection for our little passengers, we follow an engineering approach in the production process of Avionaut seats and use modern technologies and materials.

However, we focus not only on the safety aspect, but also on comfort. When developing the prototypes of our projects, we collaborate with e.g., specialists in the field of physiotherapy.

This is to ensure the Avionaut seats provide children with a correct and stable position, and full comfort while travelling by car.

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Avionaut focuses on keeping children safe while travelling by car, offering parents a peace of mind.


We use state-of-the-art technologies and continuously improve our products to meet the highest standards of safety and comfort.


Avionaut child seats are designed to ensure maximum safety for children when travelling, as confirmed by independent safety tests such as ADAC and Swedish Test Plus.


In the process of designing our seats, we place great emphasis on ergonomics, working with specialists in the field of paediatric physiotherapy.

High-quality materials

We only use high-quality materials, what guarantees the durability, safety and easy cleaning of the seats.

Support and warranty

We offer customers professional support and an extended 10-year warranty on Avionaut products, demonstrating confidence in the quality and durability of our child seats.


In order to maximise the use of materials and minimise waste and pollution, we implement modern technologies and production methods in our plants.

Avionaut is a brand that has for years been synonymous with safety and innovation in child seats for the little passengers.

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Avionaut dynamically develops its technologies and products, constantly improving safety and comfort standards to respond to the changing needs of families.

Founding of the Avionaut brand

the beginning of the business, focusing on the idea of creating safe and innovative car seats for children

Debut of the flagship Pixel model

launch of the flagship Pixel model, which has revolutionised the car seat market with its lightweight design and innovative features

Expansion into international markets

expanding into new markets in Europe, including France, the Czech Republic and Spain, which has significantly increased the recognition and availability of the brand's products

Organisational development and increased staffing

transforming into a full-scale company with more than 160 employees involved in various aspects of the business, from marketing, to production to logistics and warehousing

Where can I find Avionaut products?

Discover the wide availability of our innovative child seats on the map of Europe. Avionaut products are available in many countries, providing easy access to our safe and comfortable solutions. Visit your local distributors and check out the online purchasing options. Every place offering our products guarantees the highest quality of service and professional advice.

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