Pixel Pro 2.0 C

infant| 0-13 kg| 40-86 cm
reaward facing

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Features of the child seat Avionaut Pixel Pro 2.0 C:

  • Compatible with IQ 2.0 C base

  • Lightest car seat on the market

  • Cloud Care system

  • Additional side protection in the event of a crash

  • Insert recommended by experts

  • Seat belt mounting possible

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Midwife Jagoda Jurczyńska

As a midwife as well as a mum, I wholeheartedly recommend the Avionaut Pixel PRO, as it combines all the features of the perfect child seat.

Midwife Elisa Funke

The unique insert in the Pixel PRO seat allows for the spine to not be compressed and enables easier breathing. That's the largest advantage for me. I'm also happy with the low weight, because I always tell mothers to avoid lifting heavy loads during the postpartum period as much as possible.

Katarzyna Salomońska, Midwife

As a midwife, I recommend to parents the Avionaut Pixel PRO child seat, which makes traveling with a toddler safe and comfortable.

We are very happy with the Pixel Pro car seat and recommend it to others. The modular inserts are phenomenal, they definitely provide better comfort when traveling and adjust the seat to our little girl.


The car seat is sensational. I highly recommend it! It is lightweight and a very neat model.


Pixel Pro is the best choice – it’s because it is the lightest. I recommend it.


Our passenger was born with the weight of over 4 kg, so from the very beginning we were dealing with the weight of almost 7 kg, including the seat. Honestly, I can't imagine carrying a toddler to the 2nd floor in another, heavier car seat. The Pixel PRO has proven to be perfect for us.


Amazing car seat, we have it and we recommend it. As light as a feather.


Extend your warranty to 10 years.

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Installation direction


Assembly method

Car seat belts or Isofix IQ 2.0 C

Removable upholstery


Newborn insert


Harness height adjustment


Modular system



2 years

Post-accident replacement

2 years



Seat weight

2,5 kg

Convenience, technology, life

The safe and comfortable Pixel PRO 2.0 C car seat for your child


The Pixel PRO 2.0 C weighs just 2.5 kg, making it the lightest seat in the world!


The headrest of the seat features the Cloud Care system, which is made of memory foam, which is extremely flexible and therefore excellent at absorbing any strain.


The modular insert was designed in collaboration with physiotherapists. A straight spine and the head tilted slight back ensure the patency of the respiratory and oesophageal tract.


The canopy is made of UV-filtered fabric, providing your child with effective protection from the sun and other external factors.


The eco-friendly EPP material guarantees the highest level of ergonomics and safety.

Avionaut car seat colours

How to install the car seat

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