An anti-sweat pad – what can be done to prevent the child from sweating in the car seat?

Summer, and hence a period of vacation trips, is right around the corner. Each of us is eagerly waiting for a dream holiday, however, a substantial part of parents are worried about how a long journey with a small child will go. Heat can be felt by everyone and the youngest travellers respond to discomfort with irritation and crying. What can be done to prevent the child from sweating in the car seat and to make the journey go smoothly? First of all, it is, of course, worth taking care of a suitable temperature inside the car. Less obvious solutions, such as an anti-sweat pad for a car seat, are also very helpful. You can find more information about the pad in our article!

What can be done to prevent the child from sweating in the car seat?

Unfortunately, high temperatures do not have a positive impact on the ride comfort of the youngest travellers. Properly tightened belts force constant contact of the skin with the upholstery of the car seat which usually causes the hair and back to become wet. What can be done to prevent the child from sweating in the car seat? First of all, ensure that the temperature inside the car is optimal. It is worth installing special window covers, which will reduce the quantity of sun beams falling on the child’s seat and will protect against harmful UV rays. It is best to turn on the vents when driving in order to ensure air convection inside the car. On hot days, however, it is better not to use the air conditioning for too long to prevent the child from catching a cold  – the optimal temperature difference between the inside of the car and its surroundings is not more than 5–6 degrees. What else can be done to prevent the child from sweating in the car seat? You can invest in an anti-sweat pad, which will provide better air circulation between the child’s skin and the car seat!

How does the anti-sweat pad for the car seat work?

The principle of functioning of this gadget is very simple. Most anti-sweat pads are made of two layers of material. On the seat side, there is a three-dimensional mesh fabric with a structure of hollow honeycomb overlapping at different angles. Thanks to such construction, a gap, in which air can circulate freely, is formed between the child’s back and the upholstery of the seat. Moreover, the upper part of the pad is made of a breathable material, which is pleasant to the touch. It can be, for example, cotton or bamboo fabric, which is ideal for hot weather.

How to select an anti-sweat pad for the car seat?

It is essential to adjust the anti-sweat pad to your car seat. The selected model shall not slip off, roll up or overlap the belts, because in the case of rapid maneuvers on the road, it may interfere with the distribution of forces and negatively influence the child’s safety. When choosing an anti-sweat pad, first of all it is recommended to check the manufacturer’s website to find a model designed for a specific car seat. Proper selection of the right size is also very important – most of the pads are available in three sizes that coincide with the sizes of car seats for children. Another important quality of the pad is its washability. When traveling with a child, various surprises may occur, and it is most convenient to throw a dirty pad into a washing machine.

Avionaut breathable anti-sweat pad

The Avionaut breathable pad was designed with travel during scorching days in mind. Its three-dimensional mesh ensures optimal air circulation between the upholstery and the child’s skin, increasing the overall comfort of travel. It is thin so it neither influences the properties of the Avionaut car seats nor the safety of the ride. The suitably located cutouts ensure easy access to the harness. The external layer of the Avionaut breathable pad is made of bamboo fibers, which is frequently used by mothers on hot days. Besides being pleasant to the touch, it absorbs moisture faster than cotton and quickly evaporates it to keep the child’s back and hair dry. The Avionaut breathable pads are available in three sizes and three colour variants, so fitting them to your car seat should not be a problem.

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Avionaut Expert
Published: 26.07.2022

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