The 5 most common causes of road accidents

Have you ever wondered what are the most common causes of road accidents? According to the latest research, most road incidents take place in the vicinity of the place of residence, i.e. within a maximum distance of 8 to 15 kilometers. Why is that?


  • Failure to adapt to road conditions
  • Incorrect maneuvers
  • Using mobile devices
  • Driving under influence

Failure to adapt to road conditions

The most common reason is failure to adapt to road conditions: excessive speed, lack of adequate distance between road users or lack of required vehicle lighting. A big problem also comes from ignorance of the current road regulations, mainly related to the rules on the road, rules of priority and appropriate speeds, depending on the nature of the road.Another common cause is incorrect overtaking and passing maneuvers. You should be extremely careful when performing those maneuvers, adjusting to road traffic and weather conditions. Other variables and decisions made by other users of a given road section should also be taken into account.

Incorrect maneuvers

A large number of accidents involves pedestrians and cyclists. It’s worth to keep in mind that they have the priority on the road. Attention should also be paid to educating children in this regard. Positive behavior related to using pedestrian walkways and roads should be developed from an early age. Let us be role models for our children – teach them the correct use of pedestrian crossings and traffic lights.

Using mobile devices

Using a telephone while driving is a frequent cause of road accidents. Even the shortest distraction from the road, such as reading a text message or talking on the phone can contribute to a collision. If you plan to take an unfamiliar route, use navigation. Connect your phone to the hands-free kit built into the car’s vehicle computer and answer possible calls only in this manner.

Driving under influence

Being under the influence of even a trace amount of alcohol or other intoxicants is an unacceptable negligence that may have an impact on road safety.

Remember that changes should start with yourself. Know the latest regulations, drive safely, respect other road users. Put down your phone and watch your surroundings carefully, enjoy the road and take your time. Take care of yourself and your loved ones while traveling with #avionauttravel.

Avionaut Expert
Published: 28.07.2021