Traveling with a child by car in winter. How to make it safe and stress-free?

Travelling in winter is often more a cause of stress than a joyful experience. A child placed in a car seat, unfavorable weather conditions outside the car windows, and sometimes long hours of travelling … This may be worrying, but fortunately, the journey can be made as problem-free as possible. With efficient organization and a few practical ideas, you can make this year’s winter trip with your child a pleasant, thoughtfully remembered experience.


  • Traveling with a child in a car in winter – packing comes first!
  • Traveling with a child by car in winter. What will be useful while travelling?
  • Travelling is not that scary!

Traveling with a child in a car in winter – packing comes first!

In order for a winter trip with a toddler to be as problem-free as possible, it is important to prepare for the trip properly.

  1. First, do not wayleave the packing until the last minute. As early as a few/dozen days before the trip, start preparing a list of things you need to take. Use a notebook on your smartphone or a dedicated application. Some of the tools for preparing lists also allow you to check which items have already been purchased and which still need to be purchased. Thus, you have a complete list before your trip, which makes packing so much easier.
  2. Pack with no disturbances. It is not worth packing an hour before departure as it causes unnecessary stress. In addition, there is a risk that you may forget something. If the baby cannot participate in the packing, it is good to have with you those non-obvious things that may prove useful as well.
  1. A shovel in case you get stuck in snow. The special car version is much smaller and will not take up too much space in the car boot. And it can definitely be useful, in particular if you are going to the mountains.
  2. Winter tires. A rather obvious thing, but worth mentioning as an absolute must. Even if Christmas is going to be warm, there may be frost in the morning and slippery roads as a result.
  3. Windshield washer fluid. Winter weather usually means a dirty car and dirty windows. In order to make your journey more enjoyable, and safer, you need a full washer fluid reservoir, and even a small bottle of washer fluid under the seat or in the trunk.
  4. Current policy and registration check. Sometimes, we forget about this and while travelling, it turns out that we do not have the necessary vehicle documents. Check that the validity of the policy does not end and when your car has a current technical check.
  5. Basic car equipment – fire extinguisher and triangle. It is also worth having a few spare bulbs and fuses just in case something happens.
  6. Wipers – check that they are in good condition and effectively clean the glass of dirt and water. Adequate visibility is essential on the road!

Traveling with a child by car in winter. What will be useful while travelling?

It all depends on how long the journey is and how old the children travelling with you are. There are, however, a few universal kits to make your journey more enjoyable and problem-free.

  1. A warm drink. You can brew your child’s favorite tea or a coffee for yourself in a thermos. During short breaks, a warm drink can be a real pleasure for travelers. You can take snacks as well but be sure to avoid eating while travelling. This applies in particular to children. Then, it is easy to choke, which can turn out to be very dangerous. Homemade sandwiches and other snacks will taste delicious during a short break on the road.
  2. Favorite songs and audiobooks. Of course, it is all about the younger travelers. Driving a car can be boring, and it often causes nervousness and frustration. You can sing songs together, listen to your favorite fairy tales and make your time more pleasant.
  3. Older children can read while driving as well. Try to choose paperback books, so that during a possible road incident you do not get injured by a hard object. Definitely avoid writing tools. Coloring can be dangerous if you brake too hard.
  4. Take care of children’s clothes. Remember to remove the little one’s thick jacket before placing them in the seat. Down-filled clothes make it impossible to tighten the seat belts correctly.
  5. Mirrors for toddlers traveling in RWF seats. The parent sitting in the front seat cannot see what the children are doing as they are rear facing in the rear seat. Special mirrors for the headrest will be of help here so, you can supervise your child constantly.
  6. Have the basic medications in your car. Sometimes, a slight fever or pain may be caused by strong emotions related to the trip. It is good to have some medications that will ease the situation, both for you and your child.
  7. Necessary documents. Do not pack them in the suitcase as it makes access to them much more difficult. You should have all your ID cards, registration certificate, and third party liability policy with you, especially if you are crossing the border.

Travelling is not that scary!

Traveling with your baby in winter doesn’t have to be stressful. All you need is proper preparation and a few ideas to ensure your toddler will not be bored in the car. Guarantee comfort for yourself and your child and the journey will be a pleasant experience for you and will be remembered with a smile!

Avionaut Expert
Published: 07.03.2022