What do you do with a child car seat after an accident?

We buy car seats to keep our children safe, but we quietly think to ourselves: “May they never come in handy”. However, what if a traffic incident does take place? Can the seat still be used or is it possible to replace it after a collision? In today’s article, we answer these questions in detail!


  • Child car seat after an accident – can it still be used?
  • Replacing the seat after a collision – how do you replace the seat with a new one for free?

Child car seat after an accident – can it still be used?

Is the child car seat still usable after an accident? The answer is unequivocally no. The seat, which had already had to protect a little passenger from danger once, has served its purpose. It should be retired from the child car seat business. Otherwise, if another incident occurs on the road, it may not perform as it should.

After an accident has taken place, the seat should be replaced with a new one at all times, even if it looks fine to the eye. You can never be sure that its structure was not affected by the impact. Even microcracks, which are not visible at first glance, are dangerous and disqualify the seat from further use.

You have to keep in mind that the purpose of car seats is to minimise risk. We are unable to avoid 100% of the hazards that occur while travelling by car, but the idea is to minimise the effects of what may happen. This is why we use car seats to transport our children. However, a post-accident car seat does not reduce this risk, but only poses new ones. Such a seat should be replaced immediately for the sake of the child.

Replacing the seat after a collision – how do you replace the seat with a new one for free?

Avionaut customers have the option of replacing the seat with a new one if the previous one was involved in the traffic incident. In a few simple steps we go through the procedure whereby your toddler will travel safely in their new seat. Replacing a car seat after a collision can be done very easily. How do you do it?

  1. At the scene of the accident, take photos that document the damage;
  2. Find a copy of your proof of purchase;
  3. Prepare a copy of the police note from the incident;
  4. Ask your insurer for a document that confirms that the car insurance does not cover the child car seat.

Send the compiled documents by email to the following address: service@avionaut.com and return the damaged seat to our office. The main point is that such damaged seats should never be released on the secondary market, because this poses a threat to other travelling toddlers.

When can you benefit from the programme? If no more than 24 months have passed from the date you purchased your Avionaut. Also, remember to report your intention to participate in the post-collision seat replacement programme to Avionaut no later than 30 days from the date of the road accident.

In order to ensure the safety of the youngest passengers, damaged car seats must be replaced with new ones after an accident. This reduces the risk of the seat not performing its function in the next road incident. By compiling several documents and reporting to the Avionaut brand, it is possible to replace the damaged seat with a brand new, completely safe seat free of charge. This will allow the little ones to travel safely!

Terms and Conditions of the “Post-Accident Replacement” Service

Avionaut Expert
Published: 17.02.2022