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Our new perspective

EPP - Even more perfect solution

EPP - Even more perfect solution.The innovative lightweight design of the Pixel car seat is possible thanks to the use of patented solutions that enable the use of modern and ultra-light EPP material. New car seat - Pixel PRO not only uses the same solutions, but also gives it a new dimension of design,making the seat look elegant and ensuring high comfort of use. The car seat is still environmentally friendly and at the same time provides the highest level of ergonomics and safety.

FABRIC - Even closer to nature

Supplementing the classic Pixel with a new, natural, delicate and, above all, even more child-friendly fabric increases the comfort of using the Pixel Pro seat. The use of cotton in the newborn insert makes it possible to achieve the highest level of comfort and safety, whileimproving circulation air between the baby and the insert.

CANOPY - A different perspective

Pixel Pro has been enriched with a new, longer, independent booth, thanks to which it better protects your child from the sun or other external factors. The booth was made of elastic polyester knit, which ensures full air permeability. The fabric has a UV filter, which will allow for more effective rest during the trip. Pixel Pro is a new, better perspective.

Still just as light

Invariably the lightest on the market. Despite some improvements, it is still the lightest seat on the market, its weight is 45% less than the standard weight of the car seat. The roof, EPPstructure and fabric have been changed. Pixel PRO still cares about the comfort of both the child and the parent.

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