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The subject of safe car riding, both for pregnant women and newborns, is discussed many times during classes at my birthing school. In order to be able to professionally help and support young parents, I have undergone training on safe driving and safe transport of children. Personally, wanting to ensure the safety of driving a car for my child, I faced the choice of a car seat. When deciding to buy a car seat for a child, we are guided primarily by safety. We choose the best seat on the market. This is exactly what the Avionaut Pixel PRO is.


  • Pixel PRO in detail
  • Pixel PRO – how was it made?
  • The ergonomic insert!
  • Quick installation!

Pixel PRO in detail

The car seat is intended for newborns and babies weighing up to 13 kg and 40-86 cm tall. Ideal from the first days of life. The seat is properly profiled, which makes the child’s small spine properly positioned. The Avionaut Pixel PRO is the lightest car seat on the market, as it weighs only 2.5 kg.

The Avionaut Pixel PRO seat is proven in terms of safety, which is confirmed by ADAC tests as well as the i-Size and ECE-R129 standards. The ADAC test is composed of three different tests that check the safety, ergonomics and chemical composition of the upholstery. The frontal and side crash tests show the reaction of the car seat and the child in the event of a crash.

Pixel PRO – how was it made?

The seat is made of ultra-light EPP material, thanks to which the entire structure of the seat is exceptionally light. It is made of natural fabric with high content of cotton, which is even more friendly to the baby’s skin. The fabric is available in many shades. The seat looks very modern visually and will satisfy every user with its comfort as well as a sense of security. The Avionaut Pixel PRO is environmentally friendly. Thanks to its lightness, carrying the car seat does not pose any major difficulties for mothers.

The advantage of the seat is a longer canopy made of flexible, polyester fabric, which makes it 100% permeable. Additionally, this fabric is enriched with a UV filter, thanks to which your child will also be protected from sunrays.

The ergonomic insert!

A very important element of the car seat is the insert for a newborn, which allows for safe transport of the youngest users. It is made of the highest quality cotton, which ensures air circulation. The most important thing is that your baby no longer “collapses into it” and you don’t have to put any blankets and diapers under your baby’s bum. Your child is in the correct and safe position, and you can drive the car safely.

Quick installation!

The great advantage of the seat is the possibility of using it with the Avionaut Isofix IQ base. This allows the parent to quickly and safely install the seat in the car – even with one hand. After the car seat has been properly placed in the car, you will hear a characteristic sound and notice a glowing green mark. This way you can be certain that your child is well prepared for the ride. Another advantage of the base is that it can be used for older child seats.

Recently, the latest version of the iconic Pixel car seat, Pixel PRO 2.0 C, has been available on the market to make your children’s travel even more comfortable and safer.

Magdalena Drewnowska Wodyczko, Midwife
Published: 31.07.2023

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