Mom, dad – I can travel even safer!

Parents, join the #ChallengeAvionaut2023 campaign and learn how to properly buckle up your child!

Every day there is a huge number of road accidents and collisions – thanks to appropriate protection (airbags, seat belts), adult passengers usually do not suffer any serious damage to their health. However, even in the case of a seemingly harmless road accident, too loosely fastened, or simply incorrectly fastened, seat belts for a small passenger can cause serious health consequences.

The main reasons for incorrectly fastened seat belts of the youngest passengers are not rush and carelessness. It is primarily excessive concern for the comfort of the toddler “Is the child comfortable”. We can assure you that it is. What is more ergonomic and properly profiled seat, as well as tightly fastened seat belts, will definitely increase safety while driving

Learn more about the correct fastening of seat belts and see HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR CHILD SAFETY more! Watch our video!

Fasten your seat belts well, show how you care about your child’s safety, record a video on tiktok, instagram, youtube shorts or Facebook stories and tag us #ChallengeAvionaut2023 #VisionAvionaut.

Be responsible and spread awareness about safety!

Avionaut Expert
Published: 20.01.2023

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