The next step in travel: From the Pixel PRO 2.0 C to the perfect seat for your growing child.

When our baby is born, one of the first and most important purchases is a child seat. The Pixel PRO 2.0 C is the choice of many parents who value safety, ergonomics and comfort for their babies from the first days of life. Awarded by the AGR for its ergonomics and support for the baby’s spine, this seat is ideal for use as a first seat. However, as is often the case in life, children grow up quickly, and sooner or later there comes a point when the Pixel PRO 2.0 C becomes too small. So what to do when it is time for a change? The answer is: AeroFIX 2.0 C.


  • Transition to AeroFIX 2.0 C − new dimension of safety
  • Advantages of the AeroFIX 2.0 C model
  • Choice between AeroFIX 2.0 C and AeroFIX RWF 2.0 C
  • Summary

Transition to AeroFIX 2.0 C − new dimension of safety

The AeroFIX 2.0 C is the natural successor to the Pixel PRO 2.0 C child seat, designed for older children who need a little more space. Importantly, the installation of the AeroFIX 2.0 C uses the same IQ 2.0 C base, which is a significant money-saver for parents who already decided to buy a base with their first child seat. This is a soluton that is not only cost-effective but also convenient – we don’t have to worry about buying a new base or whether a new seat will fit in our car.

Advantages of the AeroFIX 2.0 C model

The AeroFIX 2.0 C is a child seat that combines the latest safety technology with comfort of use. Its main advantages are:

  • Safety: AeroFIX 2.0 C meets strict safety standards, protecting your child in all travelling conditions.
  • Comfort: Thanks to the adjustable headrest and the possibility to change the position of the backrest, AeroFIX 2.0 C ensures that your child can travel comfortably even on long journeys.
  • Ergonomics: in designing AeroFIX 2.0 C, Avionaut has again focused on the health of the child’s spine, offering a seat that supports correct posture.

Choice between AeroFIX 2.0 C and AeroFIX RWF 2.0 C

When deciding on your next step in travelling with your child, it is worth noting the differences between the AeroFIX 2.0 C and the AeroFIX RWF 2.0 C. The main difference is in the direction the seat is facing – the AeroFIX 2.0 C model can be installed as either forward-facing or rear-facing seat, while the AeroFIX RWF 2.0 C is rear-facing only, which is recommended for better safety of toddlers in the event of a collision. The choice between these models depends on individual needs and preferences regarding the safety and comfort of the child.


Changing from Pixel PRO 2.0 C to AeroFIX 2.0 C seat is the next step in ensuring a safe and comfortable journey for your child. By being able to use the same base, Avionaut offers parents not only financial savings but also peace of mind by making sure that their child is travelling in a seat that meets the highest safety standards. Keeping in mind the differences between the models, you can consciously choose the best solution for your family, what will allow you to enjoy pleasant and safe journeys together.

Avionaut Expert
Published: 22.03.2024

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