The journey begins at home: How to create a safe environment for your child

In today’s world, where mobility and travel have become an integral part of our lives, preparing the youngest members of the family for safe and comfortable travels is essential. ‘The Journey begins at home’ campaign highlights the importance of proper preparation of children, especially babies, for their first trip in the car. Here are some tips on how to create the perfect environment for your child, beginning at home.


  • 1. Getting the child used to the car seat
  • 2. Routine and peace of mind
  • 3. Safety and comfort
  • 4. Positive reinforcement
  • 5. Moments together

1. Getting the child used to the car seat

A car seat is something completely new for a child and can cause anxiety. It is therefore important to familiarise your child with the seat even before their first journey. Place the seat at home in an area where the child spends a lot of time. Allow them to explore the seat in a safe environment where they can touch it, lie in it and even play with it when possible. This will help your child feel safe when the time comes for a real trip.

2. Routine and peace of mind

Children respond best to routine and predictability. Try introducing the car seat as a part of natural, daily routine, e.g., by putting your child in the car seat for a short time each day. You can read books or listen to quiet music with your little one during this time, which will help create positive associations with the seat.

3. Safety and comfort

When choosing a seat, pay particular attention to its safety level and comfort. Products such as the Cosmo, Pixel PRO 2.0 C and Sky 2.0 are designed with the needs of a child in mind, keeping them safe and comfortable during travel. Make sure the seat is correctly installed in the car and the child is properly secured in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

4. Positive reinforcement

When familiarising your child with the seat, use positive reinforcement. Praise your child every time they calmly spend time in the seat, even if these are only brief moments. You can also use the child’s favourite toys or books to make the time spent in the seat more appealing.

5. Moments together

Use this time to build a bond with your child. The journey begins at home and preparing for it together can become precious moments spent together. Let these first moments in the car seat become an opportunity to laugh, play and learn together.

‘The Journey begins at home’ campaign is a reminder that proper preparation for travel with a child starts long before you leave the house. Creating a safe and comfortable environment for your child, familiarising them with the car seat and building positive associations with travel are key to happy AND safe trips together.

Avionaut Expert
Published: 06.03.2024

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