Light travel outside the car

From the very first days of their life, a newborn baby makes a lot of small journeys in a car seat, from the car to the flat, from the hospital to the house, from mum’s car to dad’s car, from mum’s car to grandparents’ car, the way from home to the car park. That is why we have created a guide on making short journeys with your little one easier.


  • What will you look for when buying a car seat?
  • Lightness matters
  • Pixel Pro – the lightweight seat for little travellers and their parents
  • Cosmo-Pixel Pro’s younger brother

What will you look for when buying a car seat?

When deciding to buy a car seat, you always need to consider the manufacturer. Many popular companies on the market have specialized in manufacturing car seats for several decades and have an excellent track record in doing so. Despite appearances, having a reliable manufacturer is of great importance. Parents’ trust, which a given brand has worked for many years, consists, among other things, of customer satisfaction at every level of use. Robust materials used in production, easy to use models, a warranty with a wide range of repairs, additional insurance that allows the seat to be replaced after a collision with a completely new model and many other issues.

Lightness matters

As parents, we make many short journeys with our little one, not only in the car but also outside the car. That is why the car seat should be as light as possible!

Why is that so important?

Firstly, we must not forget that very rarely will we carry it solo. More often than not, there will also be a passenger in it who weighs several kilos.

Secondly, when you leave the hospital, your baby’s weight may be 3-4 kilograms, but at 12 months, it will be approx. 10-12 kilograms.

Pixel Pro – the lightweight seat for little travellers and their parents

Pixel Pro is a seat designed for travelling with a child, both small and big. Specialists from many fields, including physiotherapists, participated in its design, so it is safe and adapted to the anatomy of a small child. It is equipped with a modular insert that allows you to adjust the seat to the individual body structure so that the baby travels in a comfortable position that does not interfere with proper development. In addition, the seat has an extended canopy, which provides adequate UV protection and helps create optimal sleeping conditions while driving.

Pixel Pro works well not only when travelling in your own car. It is the lightest seat on the market (it weighs 2.5 kg), so you can easily take it into a taxi or bus over longer distances (attached with belts) or use it as a carrycot when travelling by public transportation or train. With special adapters, it can also be attached to the frame of a pram to make travelling with your child even more comfortable.

Cosmo-Pixel Pro’s younger brother

Safe child safety seats protect the child during sudden manoeuvers on the road and ensure a position that does not disturb the proper development of the small body. This is precisely what the Cosmo seat does.

Avionaut Cosmo uses special padding, which guarantees a stable body position. Its material is soft and very pleasant to the touch. The canopy, which shades the seat and creates optimal sleeping conditions, also works well during travel. It is made of fabric with a filter, stopping harmful UV radiation. The above-average lightness of the Cosmo construction ensures comfort in use on short distances – from the hospital to home, from mum’s car to dad’s car, from mum’s car to grandparents’ car, from home to the car park.  The seat’s weight, well-profiled handle, and the certainty that the child is comfortable make the short trips we have to make a light, comfortable journey to the car.

Avionaut Expert
Published: 02.06.2022