On the road with Avionaut since birth and thrilled!

The new Pixel Pro baby car seat from Avionaut is not only highly elegant in design, but also super comfortable for your baby thanks to an additional seat insert. From a very young age, your baby sits in a natural and ergonomic position and the head of your baby is also well protected by the side cushions of the insert.

As the baby grows, you can remove the seat insert so that it slides lower and the harness height fits again.

Thanks to the ultra-light EPP fabric, the infant carrier weighs only 2.5 kilograms and is therefore lighter than others. You only have a short walk from the car to the house or to the doctor’s office, you are only on the road for a short time and don’t want to take your child out of the car seat for a few minutes? Then this infant carrier is perfect and easy to carry!

In the car, the Pixel Pro car seat is fastened with the car’s three-point belt or simply with the super practical AVIONAUT IQ Isofix base. With a green or red light and the corresponding sound, you know immediately whether the shell is securely fastened in the base or not. And getting it out is also very easy.

The Pixel Pro is suitable from birth to approx. 18 months (0 – 13 kg and approx. 40 – 86 cm).

Has this time now passed (much too quickly) and your baby has become too big and too heavy for the shell?

Then you can switch to the Aerofix child seat with immediate effect. From a height of 67 cm or from the moment your child can sit independently (6-8 months), this seat is perfect and should ideally be used in rearward facing position.

Avionaut has really developed in the last few years. It has gone through and passed the toughest tests and now has the safest child seats currently available on the market.

And the most practical thing… the Aerofix child seat can be installed on the same Isofix base that was previously used for the Pixel-Pro infant carrier.

From a height of 84 cm (from 18 months), the child can now be placed in the direction of travel, if necessary. Your child can ride in the Aerofix up to a height of 105 cm and a maximum weight of 17.5 kg.

Thanks to a comfortable resting position and good padding of the seat, the headrest and the belts, your child will feel really comfortable.

And, are you convinced? Enjoy your trip!

Melina Wetzels, Midwife
Published: 17.03.2023