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The mission of Avionaut is to educate on safe travelling. Through this, we want to have an impact on reducing the number of fatal road accidents involving children. We strive to become better and better for our customers. This is not only about technological progress, the use of innovative solutions and materials used to produce safety seats, but it is also about sharing knowledge and experience specific to the safety sector.


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When developing our products, Avionaut cares about their high quality, as well as the components and raw materials used. All that in order to increase the comfort of use, ergonomics and safety, not only for the child but also for the parent. A comfortable car seat makes the toddler enjoy its journey and eagerly explore the world changing outside the vehicle window. As parents, guardians of a child, you are perfectly aware that a child absorbed with observing the world is a great travel companion.

Feeling the social responsibility of our business, we try to educate our customers on safe travelling and promote the rearward-facing position of children when travelling.

That is why we have brought to life Vision Avionaut, a brand vision whose objective is to ensure the highest possible safety of children during car incidents. Our goal is to minimize the consequences of accidents and to reduce the number of victims of road accidents among the youngest passengers.

What is Vision Avionaut?

The fundamental pillar of Vision Avionaut is the education of parents, grandparents and guardians of children. Our ambition is to equip them with knowledge regarding un undisturbed comfort of children in vehicles, which is comprised of the appropriate selection of car seats, the significance of seats in increasing the level of child safety, and the proper seat installation and fastening of small passengers.

However, safety is not just car seats – it also requires proper preparation for the trip, knowledge of the latest regulations and mindfulness on the road. Through Vision Avionaut, we want to raise the level of knowledge of car drivers traveling with children and make them realize how even trivial, often overlooked factors can have a huge impact on the comfort and safety of young passengers.

Yet another important tool as part of Vision Avionaut is the Safe Travel Academy that features films with the participation of experts in the field of safety. Just as before, they will be visiting interesting people and places to discuss important, although not always pleasant topics. All that to make children safer during car trips, even the shortest ones.


Join #visionavionaut, educate yourself, share your knowledge with others and be a responsible participant in road traffic. Look for special car stickers and slap tags with the Vision Avionaut logo in stores. Make the reality of road traffic safer with us.

Avionaut Expert
Published: 31.08.2021