A physiotherapist’s opinion about the MaxSpace Comfort System +. Discover the benefits of a car seat for older kids.

The child car seat is intended to ensure the child’s safety, but it also needs to have a prophylactic or therapeutic function for the child’s dynamically developing spine. In the youngest children, curvatures of the spine are in the process of shaping, which is why it is so important to provide them with adequate support while travelling in a car.

The MaxSpace Comfort System+ child seat was produced in cooperation with doctors and physiotherapists who work for the German association AGR (Association for Healthy Backs), which, among others, cares about the body’s ergonomic position in child seats. A positive AGR assessment is given to products that have shown a beneficial effect on the child’s back. The MaxSpace Comfort System + child seat is an investment in the prophylaxis of the child’s spine.

The child seat is equipped with cushions that support the lumbar and cervical spine. They can be easily moved up and down to suit the child’s height. Thanks to them, the child spends their time travelling more comfortably. The cushions prevent pain in the spine, while also providing increased security.

It is also worth paying attention to the depth of the seat because the MaxSpace Comfort System + child seat has one of the deepest seats available on the market, which allows it to properly position the pelvis, resulting in reduced compression on the coccyx.

There is the option of setting the child’s seat in a resting position, which significantly increases the comfort of the child’s sleep during the journey and ensures that the head does not fall forward. During travel, the cervical section remains protected against dangerous jerks, which may cause greater or lesser damage.

Installation and disassembly are very simple, causing less strain on the parent’s spine. The child seat is lightweight, so moving it between cars does not require much strength. The armrests facilitate the correct fastening and running of the belt at the proper height. The wide seat guarantees greater comfort and freedom of movement during travel, which has a positive impact on the musculoskeletal system of a growing child. The child seat also has an efficient ventilation system, resulting in better air circulation.
Since the backrest of the child seat is profiled and ensures proper spinal positioning, it results in better stabilization of the body, which is important both in the prevention of scoliosis and for already existing scoliosis.

The MaxSpace Comfort System+ child seat has successfully passed the ADAC tests, which is an extremely important criterion. The ADAC test consists of three tests that check: safety, ergonomics/ ease of use, and chemical composition of the upholstery. The head-on and side-impact collision tests check how the child seat behaves and what forces act on the dummy playing the role of a child. The child seat has an additional side cover consistent with Regulation R129/03, which protects against side impact. The assessment consists of: 50% safety, 40% ergonomics, and 10% installation, proving the high quality of a child seat that passed the ADAC tests.

Joanna Słowiak, Physiotherapist
Published: 27.01.2023