ADAC spring test results: Sky 2.0 child seat

ADAC is Europe’s most respected consumer test assessing the safety of child seats. When assessing child seats, ADAC considers the following aspects: safety, handling (is it easy and intuitive), ergonomics, harmful substances, cleaning. The spring 2023 edition features a detailed evaluation of the Sky 2.0 seat, which is praised by parents in the UK, but not only that!


  • Operation = 4.1
  • Ergonomics = 2.8
  • Pollution = 2.7
  • Quality = 3.4
  • Safety = 1.8

Find out more about the detailed ADAC results for the Sky 2.0 child seat:

Operation = 4.1

The use of strapped-in seats simply cannot compete with ISOFIX seats in terms of ease of use. If you are inexperienced with seat belts, we strongly recommend that you ask a retailer to help you, explain everything or install it directly in your car. Once you have learnt how to fit the Sky 2.0 seat correctly and installed it yourself a few times, you will note that it is not complicated at all.  The advantage of allowing children to ride in rearward-facing position (which is safer) for longer than with conventional booster seats with an ISOFIX station requires slightly more attention. On the other hand, our belt clips hold the car seatbelts so tightly that they do not need to be retightened after installation.

Small tip: if you want to install the Sky 2.0 in more than one vehicle, our dealers recommend using additional tensioning belts. This way, it is possible to fasten the tensioning belts in each vehicle and save time on individual installation.

Ergonomics = 2.8

The Sky 2.0 car seat has a new-born insert and can therefore be used from birth up to 125 cm in height. From the outset, Sky 2.0 offers a flatter position. As children get older, they want to sit up more, and a special wheel block is available for this purpose, which can be ordered from all our dealers. Combined with a steering wheel block, the Sky seat is certified “Aktion Gesunder Rücken” (AGR) for excellent ergonomics. The AGR rewards manufacturers who focus on back health. In our seats, children not only ride particularly safely, but also comfortably and ergonomically, e.g. without their airways being obstructed. In our opinion, a child’s comfort also has an impact on his or her overall healthy development, so ergonomics is our top priority.

Pollution = 2.7

At this point, we would like to thank you for your information and initiate a special test to avoid any harmful substances in our future products.

All our fabrics are Okötex 100 certified. The slightly increased values found on the warning label are considered harmless to children’s health and are within the certification range – but we are always looking to improve in this area. After unpacking, we recommend that you do not use the seat immediately, but leave it to air out for a day or two.

Quality = 3.4

Come to the shop and find out the high quality of this product. Other manufacturers learn from us. Check where you can find Avionaut products near you:

Safety = 1.8

Now, let’s move onto the most important part of the test, which we can be proud of. Parents who buy a child seat want for their children to be transported safely, as the priority. The Avionaut Sky 2.0 is a seat that is compact to fit and offers a high level of safety. It scored very well in frontal and side impact tests with ratings of 1.4 and 1.2. In addition, the Avionaut SKY 2.0 has passed the Swedish Plus test.

The Avionaut Sky 2.0 car seat means even more safety, confirmed by the ADAC test and the Swedish Test Plus, which is the most rigorous car seat safety test in the world.

Avionaut Expert
Published: 12.06.2023