Why choose a rearward-facing car seat?

From the very first moments of our child’s life, we try to provide our son or daughter with nothing but the best. We provide closeness, a sense of security, and when choosing meals, we always focus on quality and great ingredients. We dream of nothing but for the child to be healthy, happy, and fulfilled. And even though there are aspects that, even as the most loving parent, we have no influence on, a large part of the choices we make have a huge impact on the safety of our child.

One of these is choosing the car seat. Therefore, it is worth taking into consideration the aspects that we should follow during the process. Newborns are placed in the so-called “shell”, which is always facing rear in terms of the direction of travel. However, when the child is able to sit on their own and reaches a certain weight limit, we can start to look for a new car seat. There are many models available on the market in which a child, or actually still a baby, can travel facing the front. But is it a good choice? Or should we stick to the rearward-facing car seat? And why would it actually be a better, more reasonable, and definitely safer choice? In this case, the answer consists in the Avionaut brand and the perfect child seat – Sky 2.0.

The Sky 2.0 model is an RWF seat – it means that it is mounted only rearward-facing. The head of a small child is very large and relatively heavy when compared to the rest of the small body. Whereas, both the muscles and bones in a baby’s neck are not yet fully developed. During a frontal impact, which is most common on the road, there is an increased risk of serious damage to the cervical vertebrae and even death if the child is travelling facing forward. That is why a rear-mounted child seat seems to be the only correct one until the child reaches 3 years of age. However, using the Sky 2.0 we can transport the child this way for much longer – even up to the age of 6!

In addition, the seat has passed the Test Plus – one of the most well-known and reliable safety tests designed only for RWF models. A positive result of the test is achieved only by models in which the force applied to the child’s head and neck at the time of an accident does not exceed the critical value. None of the front-mounted child seats would be able to pass such a rigorous test.

Therefore, a rear-facing child seat is the safest choice for your child. The Avionaut brand once again met the expectations of parents, while the Sky 2.0 model includes high-quality upholstery, which definitely improves the comfort of the little passenger’s journey. The model is included in the New Look 2022 collection and is available in up to 6 colour options. Thanks to this, there’s no need to choose between safety and aesthetics.

Avionaut Expert
Published: 16.12.2022

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