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When you become a parent you want the best for your child. A new reality, piling up questions and finding oneself in the new world. Parents want to provide their baby with the best. Ensuring your child’s health and safety is their most important goal. Parents are also responsible for the comfort of travel and the safety of the youngest passengers. However, at the beginning of the adventure, it is important that parents do not drown in an ocean of information, advice and reviews.


  • A perfect seat for an older child?
  • How to ensure the child’s safety outside the car?

The idea behind Avionaut is to spread knowledge about the safety of passengers, and above all children, while travelling by car. The brand’s mission is to implement innovative solutions for safety products and to ensure high travel comfort for the youngest passengers. The highest quality of manufactured seats is the company’s domain, possible thanks to domestic production. The brand offers a wide range of products that enable safe travel with children.

A perfect seat for an older child?

MaxSpace is a special task car seat, because children using it are independent passengers who make their first independent decisions and share their first opinions about the items they use. MaxSpace is a car seat from the last category, designed for the oldest children between 100 and 150 cm tall. MaxSpace combines comfort, ergonomics and functionality. Thanks to a comfortable, spacious seat, it provides comfort and will be a great place to explore the world. The adjustable headrest and the ability to adjust the inclination to the resting position will also help. Comfort is also supported by the ventilation system and comfortable armrests. MaxSpace is not only convenient for a child, but also for parents. That is why the seat is equipped with hip belt guides that ensure a stable fastening and indicating lines, the so-called Eye-line that suggest the level of the headrest in relation to the child. Great comfort for parents is ensured by the possibility of installing the seat both with the isofix system and in cars without it. Another advantage of this seat is the fact that it can be used by a child for up to 7 years of life.

We know that safety is the most important thing when it comes to car seats, which is why MaxSpace is equipped with side wings and an additional bumper. Their goal is to increase the child’s safety. MaxSpace is also a car seat with a great design. Bold lines, interesting solutions and elegant finish distinguish the seat from the market competition. An additional advantage is the wide range of colors of fabrics, thanks to which everyone will find something for themselves. Each Avionaut car seat, including MaxSpace, is covered by a post-accident replacement and a warranty that can be extended to 10 years using the form on the manufacturer’s website.

However, travel safety is not only about a comfortable, ergonomic and safe seat. It is also a lot of additional factors, such as preparing the car for the trip, checking all fluids, brakes, taking care of cleanliness in the vehicle and solutions that will protect your child outside the car.

How to ensure the child’s safety outside the car?

How to make your child safe also at the place of stay? The answer may be the LocoWatch Video watch functioning as a phone with unlimited minutes for outgoing calls. A multifunctional GPS smartwatch for a child also allows a young child to establish contact with a parent via video call. Most of all, which is especially important when staying in a foreign place for a toddler, it has a built-in GPS. If you have concerns that your child will not feel completely safe in a new environment among strangers, the LocoWatch Video GPS watch will be a great solution. Why? Because in every crowd – on the beach, promenade or in the shopping center, you will quickly find your lost and scared child. This will be possible thanks to the easy-to-use, device-dedicated Safe Family application that you install on your phone. The GPS smartwatch also has the functions of video call and listening to the surroundings. For the safety of the youngest users, the GPS smartwatch has been equipped with an SOS button. If the child finds itself in a stressful situation and presses a button, an appropriate alert will immediately appear on your phone with the current location.

Make sure you spend time together safely. Prepare to travel by car, take care of the safety of children not only in the vehicle, but also during holiday adventures at the destination.

Avionaut Expert
Published: 31.08.2021

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